“You should look into becoming a piano tuner.” Throughout my life my love for the piano and the desire to heed my mother’s wisdom grew. I started playing piano at an early age, and I would love to watch the piano technician come to tune our piano. This wonderful site along with my mother’s advice catapulted my desire to become a piano technician into a new dimension. The blind piano technician that would come to our small Christian school also provided a subconscious message, “you can do this.”

Thirty plus years later, I attended the School of Piano Technology for the Blind in Vancouver WA. It took many years to arrive at this destination and several career choices, but down deep in my heart I knew that I was meant to use the gift God had for me, to become a piano technician.

Today I utilize my formal training and love for music to service pianos in South Eastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey. CALL MARSHALL’S PIANO SERVICE TODAY to schedule your piano tuning/service. 215-510-9400.